Joshua Tree

The Massive boulders at Joshua Tree National Park were created by billions of years of heating and cooling the earth’s crust, earthquakes and weather erosion. In 1936 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designated 794,000 acres of land to what is now Joshua Tree National Park. The park has over 7,000 climbing routes, attracting climbers from all over the world.


The park’s signature, Joshua Tree (Yucca Brevifolia) is losing ground to climate changes and encroachment. Over the years, the tree range has receded by over 90 percent.


I fell in love with Joshua Tree Park over 25 years ago. I entered the park late at night, under a full moon. As a rock climber, the rocks and boulders quickly earned my respect as I scaled my way to the top of a boulder. My view was breathtaking, the sky was so clear that I could see satellites fly by.  I was in awe of the peace, beauty and history that surrounded me. I felt like I had landed on the moon! JT will always hold a special place in my heart and I now, enjoy taking my kids with me to visit.


The famous Eagles’ song “Peaceful Easy Feelin” featuring the lyric, I’d like to sleep with you in the desert tonight” was inspired by a camping trip to Joshua Tree Park.