Friday, February 24, 2017
By Sam Fielding
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This is such a fun project. It started out trying to be creative with my girlfriends that were pregnant and wanting to give them something more than the average pregnancy photos. It became a wonderful underwater extravaganza! I had to learn how to balance myself and my clients in a submerged pool with a backdrop and sandbags. Let's just say it was a fun experiment. I tried adding a double exposure to the images which I feel gave them a little more creativity and beauty. 

Friday, February 17, 2017
By Sam Fielding
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What a beautiful gift i just received in the post. A lot of you have been following Performer The Book over the last three years and I thank you for your continued support of this project. I am half way there! So many incredible artists have sat in front of my lens and let me interview them for this wonderfully colorful project. The Laboratory Arts Collective were introduced to me through my dear friend Gareth, thank you Gareth and a relationship blossomed with Lou and Nigel the creators and fellow Brits of the Laboratory Arts Collective magazine. A beautiful and colorful arts magazine sold at the Tate Modern in London amongst other wonderful places. 


You can find out more about this curious bunch at   To follow artists in the photos attached you can find these wonders on their IG accounts

Boom Boom

Virgin Xtravaganzah





And of course you can follow the out take images and shenanigans of Performer at and also  the IG


Wednesday, February 15, 2017
By Sam Fielding
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So the time has come for me to start getting creative again and build my contemporary portraiture site. I am primarily a portrait photographer, however I do shoot fine art and production stills. People are definitely my favorite. This portfolio build is taking place over the next couple of months and look at this beauty I had the pleasure of photographing last week. Some people have the natural ability to take hold of the camera and your gaze and take you on a journey. This gorgeous woman sure did a good job at that! 

Special thanks to Mr Frank martinez IG @frankyfilter for the amazing locks and of course the stunningly beautiful Daniella. IG @daniellakianna 

You can see  more of the progress on this portfolio build at